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Demon High

Blair is a witch who wants to forget her lost loved ones and make a name for herself. Kora was a once normal girl who now has a deadly talent she wishes to hide. Diabla is a devil who wants to forget the times she had to stow away in the shadows to hide the guilt she bears behind her bright smile. Maralyn is a phantom who wants to forget about the terrifying incident that left her half blind, and the betrayal of the sister she thought she loved. These four girls attend Daemonium Excelsum, the school of forgotten monsters and spirits, with hopes of getting into S.O.M.B.E.R, the pristine academy of nightmares who still roam the surface. But it turns out they're in for more than they expected: Mysterious new friends who hide dangerous secrets. A young witch that seeks for revenge. And a group of mean girls who would kill to get what they want. Literally. Can these four treachered souls find their way to a life all demons dream of? Or will their grief and lies hold them back in more ways than one?


Welcome to! The official website of Alina Leffel, author of Demon High. Demon High is available NOW on Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Follow my Instagram, @daemoniumexcelsumofficial, follow my author page on Goodreads and subscribe to my YouTube channel, DaemoniumExcelsum. You can also purchase merch on my Redbubble merch shop, link below. Check back to this website for all necessary info, updates and teasers for future projects :)


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